Reserach Unit

This unit will identify the areas of importance that are neglected or peripheral to the preoccupation of the academia and non academic discourse. This Unit will motivate competent people to be engaged in research activities. In order to train able researcher and academics it also organizes workshops, seminars, and short courses.

It will also works towards disseminating the ideas, information confined to some elite zones to the wider needy sections, particularly youngsters through translations, booklets, brochures and training programmes.

Research units engages in following activities
  • Locating academics, independent scholars, organizations, journalists, students who are working or interested in above mentioned areas and bringing them together to interact and discuss
  • Collecting books, material, information about issues
  • Forming informal research communities and discussion groups to develop an outline of the direction of study and division of work
  • Conducting a series of Key concepts lectures or organizing a Seminar or discussion.
Multi Cultural Unit

MCU’s guiding principle will be the recognition that human beings have to live with the difference and that it is precisely what gives quality and vibrancy to the human life. These Units activities mainly fall under these categories.

Research units engages in following activities
  • Working towards greater dialogue and interaction between different social cultural groups and developing required discursive tools and practical forums to affect this.
  • Bringing together various cultural groups and working towards possible alliance between those groups to explore greater understanding and awareness of the attempts by divisive forces to play one group off the other forms the important part of this activity
  • Providing required information, publications, guidance to the visitors from other countries and other regions of the country (academics, journalists and activists) either for research or for understanding.
Network Cell

The center will not do anything completely on its own except putting together and maintain library. Every activity of its various departments and units will be organized with the help of in association with the other individuals, groups already working on or interested in working with the issues the center proposes. Network center’s main activity would be providing the opportunity to learn from the activities of the group and organizations and individuals in various fields