Career Guidance Unit

It consists of two parts:
Educational Counseling and employment information. Given the lack of information and guidance, particularly youth form rural areas and marginalized sections are unable to avail the opportunities and shape their skills according to the future needs. This cell will provide the students, youngsters, research scholars with information about career opportunities, scholarships, financial assistance, and avenues to enhance the skills etc. In collaboration with the Academic institutes needy candidates will be trained in various skills which are necessary for both careers advancement and personality development. Needy and eligible candidates will be directed to the training centers and support organizations

Career guidance cell also maintains educational information database. In this database, information about courses, fellowships, scholarships, entrance requirements, model papers of entrance exams, and educational related information. By maintaining up to date multilingual notice board center lets youth and other needy people know the information at right moment. This cell does not limits it services to those who can visit it. It makes available information through emails and also organizes publicity campaigns.