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At the Centre we believe that ideas grow out of everyday social and political practices. We therefore consider it an important function of intellectuals to stay close to, articulate and critically comment upon such practices. By remaining alert to the ways in which ordinary people negotiate and reinvent their worlds, and generate alternative systems and imaginations, CCRT has challenged the routes of social and political change that are accepted as ‘normal’. This frequently leads to a productive tension between rigorous scholarly work and living social movements, between academic engagement and political commitment.

It is the cross-cutting nature of these programmes that ensures that the proposed CCRT Schools remain interdisciplinary and do not become silos, and that teaching, and research remain constantly connected to practice.

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  1. Admission Registration fee of INR 5000/ (Non Refundable)
  2. Programme fee as per the below table
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Time of Payment : All the candidates have to pay the I Year fee immediately after confirmation of the admission. For subsequent years, fees must be paid annually on or before 15th March.
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